American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control

Feel free to contact a member of the consortium. Click on their name to go to their web page. If you're interested in becoming a member, contact the coordinator.


Tom Terrill
Fort Valley State University



Scott Bowdridge
West Virginia University

Joan M. Burke
USDA, ARS, Arkansas

Linda Coffey
NCAT- ATTRA, Arkansas


Richard Ehrhardt
Michigan State University

Enrique Nelson Escobar

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Sue Howell
University of Georgia

Ray M. Kaplan
University of Georgia


Kwame Matthews
Delaware State University

James E. Miller
Louisiana State University

Byeng R. Min
USDA, ARS, Texas

Seyedmehdi Mobini
Fort Valley State University, Georgia


Harley Naumann
University of Missouri

Dahlia O'Brien
Virginia State University


Katherine Petersson
University of Rhode Island

Reid Redden

Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Susan Schoenian
University of Maryland Extension


Dave Scott
NCAT, ATTRA, Montana

Adriano Vatta
Louisiana State University

Andrew Weaver

North Carolina State University


Niki Whitley
Fort Valley State University

Lisa Williamson
University of Georgia

Anne Zajac
Virginia Tech

Affiliate Members

Ken Andries
Kentucky State University


Emily Clement
Kentucky State University

Margo Hale
NCAT, ATTRA, Arkansas

Steve Hart

Langston University, Oklahoma


Jean-Marie Luginbuhl
North Carolina State University


Jim Morgan
Round Mountain Consulting


Jim Muir
Texas A&M AgriLife Research


Sudhanshu Panda
University of North Georgia


Michael Pesato
Mississippi State University

Sims Brothers
Union Springs, Alabama

Ken Turner
USDA, ARS, Oklahoma


Ann Wells




Gareth F. Bath
University of  Pretoria, South Africa

Herve Hosté
INRA Toulouse, France

Chris Lawlor
International Animal Health Products, Australia

F.S. "Faffa" Malan
Veterinary Consultant, South Africa

Eric Morgan
Queen's University Belfast, Ireland, United Kingdom

Felipe Torres-Acosta
Universidad Autónoma de Yucatan Merida, Mexico

Jan A. Van Wyk
University of Pretoria
, South Africa

Retired and/or honorary

Jorge Mosjidis
Auburn University

Ken Pettey
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Bob Storey
University of Georgia


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