Jessica Quijada Pinango

Visiting Research Scientist

(786) 804-7546


American Institute for Goat Research
Langston University
Langston, Oklahoma

Dr. Quijada, a veterinary parasitologist, is a Visiting Research Scientist of the American Institute for Goat Research (AIGR) at Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma. Originally from Venezuela, she received her DVM and MS degrees in Veterinary Parasitology from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), both in Venezuela, and her PhD in Pathology, Toxicology, Genetic and Nutrition from l’Université de Toulouse, France. Dr. Quijada’s research activities at AIGR are focused on 1) alternative control of gastrointestinal parasitism (GIP) in goats and sheep, 2) relationships between GIP and microbiome in small ruminants. Moreover, Dr. Quijada collaborates in some teaching extension projects addressed to farmers as well as training in veterinary parasitology techniques for colleagues and undergraduate students.




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