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Online FAMACHA© Certification

Training is required to purchase a FAMACHA© card. Traditionally, training is provided by in-person workshops taught by certified FAMACHA© instructors. These workshops are usually a combination of lecture/discussion and hands-on instruction. Class size is usually limited to enhance learning opportunities.

To meet the needs of those who don't have access to in-person trainings, the University of Rhode Island began offering online FAMACHA© certification in March 2016. In 2020, online FAMACHA© certification opportunities were expanded due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Several institutions are now offering online FAMACHA© certification. The University of Rhode Island unveiled a Spanish version of FAMACHA© certification in May 2022.

Online FAMACHA© certification is a multi-part process. It usually involves watching a video on integrated parasite management and proper FAMACHA© technique. There is usually follow-up to the videos: a survey or quiz. Participants are required to make a video demonstrating proper FAMACHA© technique. The video must be approved by the persons administering the course. Once course requirements are met, a Certificate of Competence is issued and the participant is eligible to purchase a FAMACHA© card. The minimum age for FAMACHA© certification is 13.

University of Rhode Island Online FAMACHA© Certification

with Drs. Anne Zajac and Katherine Petersson
NEW:  En Espanol (Spanish) 

Virginia State University / Fort Valley State University Online FAMACHA© Certification

with Drs. Niki Whitley & Dahlia O'Brien

Langston University Online FAMACHA© Certification
YouTube Playlist


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