FAMACHA© Workshops and Related Events


With the exception of veterinarians and other qualified animal health professionals, you must take an approved training in order to get certified in the FAMACHA© system and receive a FAMACHA© card. The table below lists upcoming FAMACHA© trainings. Workshops generally require RSVP (pre-registration) and payment of a registration fee. A FAMACHA© workshop is the same as a Smart Drenching or Integrated Parasite Management (IPM) workshop.

Please contact the webmaster at sschoen@umd.edu if you would like to have a workshop added to the table. Please provide date, sponsor, location, and contact information. The instructor of the workshop must be approved by the consortium.

National Kiko Goat Registry

May 14
7th Cumberland Meat Goat Conference and Spotlight Kiko Sale
Hyder-Burkes Ag Pavilion, Cookeville, Tennessee
How to have a crop failure on your worm farm (Steve Hart)
FAMACHA©, body condition scoring, aging (Hart, Wells, Peischel)

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Langston University

Integrate Parasite Management and FAMACHA© training (via Zoom)

May 22 at 10 am
Register at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUlfuqvqDIsH9TCXp2nWCB5nGA96vGKQP84


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