FAMACHA© Workshops and Related Events


With the exception of veterinarians and other qualified animal health professionals, you must take an approved training in order to get certified in the FAMACHA© system and receive a FAMACHA© card. The table below lists upcoming FAMACHA© trainings. Workshops generally require RSVP (pre-registration) and payment of a registration fee. A FAMACHA© workshop is the same as a Smart Drenching or Integrated Parasite Management (IPM) workshop.

Please contact the webmaster at sschoen@umd.edu if you would like to have a workshop added to the table. Please provide date, sponsor, location, and contact information. The instructor of the workshop must be approved by the consortium.

Online FAMACHA© training and certification


As part of a Northeast SARE grant, the University of Rhode Island is offering online FAMACHA© training. Once you complete the  4-step process, you will be able to purchase a FAMACHA© card.  Visit the web site for more information.




Due to Covid-19, FAMACHA© certification workshops and other educational programs are being offered online.

April 9
Small Ruminant Online FAMACHA© Certification Program
by Virginia State University
Via  Zoom 

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