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Certified FAMACHA© Instructors


The FAMACHA© eye anemia system was developed by South African scientists and veterinarians. In order to teach FAMACHA© to farmers, students, and others (and purchase more than one FAMACHA© card), you must be a certified FAMACHA© instructor. The American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control has developed a process for becoming a certified FAMACHA© instructor. It includes an application and quiz.  The application will be reviewed by a panel of consortium members to determine qualifications for teaching FAMACHA© and integrated parasite management. A passing grade on the quiz is 80 percent. The quiz reflects the information that should be taught in workshops. You may take the quiz more than once. Once approved you will receive a certificate. Certification will last for two years, after which time, you will need to pass an updated quiz. The consortium is currently in the process of updating the exam. Instructors will be contacted once the new exam is available.

Currently, there are 134 people certified as FAMACHA© instructors from thirty-four US states, three Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Certified instructors include veterinarians, animal scientists, extension agents, and farmers (producers).

To find an instructor near you, click on the name of the state or country. 

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