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​Best Management Practices to Control Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants Factsheet Series

The Best Management Practices to Control Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants Factsheet series was designed to help sheep, goat, and camelid producers manage gastro-intestinal parasitism in their flocks and herds. The fact sheets were also developed as an educational resource for people teaching FAMACHA© workshops and/or similar educational programs.  Each factsheet was written by a member of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control and  reviewed by 3 to 4 other consortium members (or experts), including a veterinarian parasitologist.  In 2022, the consortium began translating some of the factsheets into Spanish. In 2023, the consortium began reviewing fact sheets that were written more than 5 years ago. This process will continue to ensure all fact sheets contain the most accurate and up-to-date information and recommendations.  

Factsheets (PDF)

  1. Copper Oxide Wire Particles (Linda Coffey; February 2018) | In Spanish

  2. Genetic Selection: Using Crossbreeding and Estimated Breeding Values (Scott Bowdridge
    and Andrew Weaver; April 2024)

  3. Genomic-enhanced EBVs (Mohan Acharya; February 2024)

  4. Managing dewormer resistance (Dahlia O'Brien; April 2018)

  5. Management (Steve Hart; March 2020)

  6. Management of Coccidia (Kwame Matthews, March 2019) | In Spanish

  7. Nutritional effects on parasites (Steve Hart; April 2024) | In Spanish

  8. On-Farm Selection for Resistance to Parasites (Jim Morgan; January 2021) | in Spanish 

  9. Organic Control of Parasites (Mohan Archarya; April 2024)

  10. Pasture Management  (Heather Glennon and Dan Quadros; January 2024)

  11. The Periparturient Egg Rise (Joan Burke, April 2020) 

  12. Proper use of dewormers (Lisa Williamson and Michael Pesato, June 2024)

  13. Sericea lespedeza (Thomas Terrill & Niki Whitley (December 2023) | In Spanish

  14. Targeted selective treatment (Susan Schoenian; January 2020) | In Spanish

  15. Understanding the Biology (Anne Zajac and Roger Ramirez Barrios; February 2024)

  16. Worm Killing Fungus (Jim Miller and Joan Burke; February 2021)


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