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Timely Topics

Since August 2012, more than sixty (60) Timely Topics have been published to the web site of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC). The articles were written mostly by members of the consortium and covered a variety of topics. Of course, all topics pertained to internal parasite control in small ruminants. Some of the Timely Topics are available as fact sheets (PDF format).  In 2022, the consortium began translating some of these Timely Topics into Spanish.                                                               

Double Trouble (Schoenian) - PDF only | In Spanish

The value of using FEC EBVs (Burke) - PDF only

The Four Phases of Parasitic Infection (Miller) - PDF only


Role of fecal egg counts in sheep/goat health (Schoenian) | PDF  | In Spanish

2019 NAHMS Goat Study (Miller) PDF only

Worm-Trapping Fungus [Miller & Burke]  | PDF

Impact of Selection and Breed on Resistance [Andries]
Selection for Parasite Resistance [Burke]
Organic Management of Internal Parasites [Coffey]  | PDF
When deworming is not enough [Whitley] | PDF | in Spanish
Using tannin-containing legumes to control GI parasites: to pellet or not [Hoste]
The impact of parasite infections on small ruminant productivity [O'Brien]
Decreasing barber pole larvae population on grass pastures:
is liquid nitrogen fertilizer a viable alternative? [Luginbuhl]

How To Grow Worms (or Not) [Hart]
Same Problem: Different Part of the World [Escobar]
Combination Dewormers:  The Time is Now [Kaplan]  |  PDF


Understanding the Risk Factors for Infection is Essential in Developing a Sustainable Parasite Management Plan  [Ehrhardt] | PDF
Using Copper Oxide Wire Particles to Increase Dewormer Efficacy [Burke et al]
White Eyes and Bottle Jaw:  Are There Zebras?  [Zajac]
Stop Selecting Sissy Sheep (and Goats)! [Bath]
Silver Bullet Step One:  Just Do It!  [Casey]
Stocking Density Impacts Worm Loads: Let Us Count the Ways [Morgan]
Do's and Don'ts of FAMACHA© Scoring [Petersson] | PDF
Does Diatomaceous Earth Have a Role in Worm Control? [Whitley] | PDF

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