A podcast is an audio program, just like talk radio, but you subscribe to it on your mobile device and listen to it whenever you like. This page will provide links to podcasts that pertain to small ruminant internal parasite control.


Copper oxide as a dewormer for goats (31:00)

Dr. Joan Burke

For the Love of Goats
December 7, 2020



Using Dewormers Correctly  (49:00)
Susan Schoenian
For the Love of Goats
October, 7, 2020

Small Ruminant Talk Internal Parasites (48:48)

Linda Coffey and Margo Hale
ATTRA Voices from the Field
October 7, 2020

Roundworms in Goats (27:00)
Dr. Steve Hart
For the Love of Goats
June 26, 2020

Opening a Parasitic, Drug Resistant Can of Worms
Dr. Ray Kaplan
Finding Genius Podcast: Health, Bioscience, & Medicine Edition
June 22, 2020


Small Ruminant Parasites Part II: Selection for Parasite Resistance (29:31)
Dr. Scott Bowdridge
ASI Research Update
June 16, 2020


Small Ruminant Parasites Part I   (19:31)
Dr. Lisa Williamson
ASI Research Update
May 28, 2020

Natural parasite control with sericea lespedeza (30:00)
Dr. Tom Terrill
For the Love of Goats
March 11, 2020

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