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Aftab Siddique, PHD

Post-Doctoral Researcher



Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering

Fort Valley State University
Fort Valley, Georgia

Dr. Aftab Siddique holds the position of a Postdoctoral researcher in Agriculture and Bio-system engineering (Geo-spatial engineering/Animal Sciences) and a Big Data Analytics Specialist in Animal Science at Fort Valley State University, located in Fort Valley, Georgia. He has been employed at Fort Valley State University since January 2023. Aftab obtained his engineering degrees in Biotechnology from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India (B. Tech.), Fort Valley State University (M.S.), and Auburn University (PhD). During his PhD, he acquired expertise in applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods to address Food waste and Food loss issues. Dr. Siddique is currently focusing on the development of animal health monitoring systems. Dr. Siddique is affiliated with the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control. The main area of his research is centered around sustainable parasite control in small ruminants through AI-assisted methods. The focus is developing and applying rapid identification and detection techniques for animal health problems, specifically incorporating bio-active forages as a natural dewormer for sheep and goats. In addition, he provides instruction and guidance to many undergraduate and graduate students every semester within the Animal Science Master's Program at Fort Valley State University.

Timely Topics
A Revolution in Animal Health Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence for Goats and Sheep [March 2024]


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