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tatiana Luisa Stanton

Goat & Sheep Extension Specialist


(607) 229-9066

Cornell University

507 Tower Road, 114 Frank Morrison Hall

Department of Animal Science

Ithaca, NY 14853

tatiana has been the Cornell University Goat & Sheep Extension Specialist since 2000. She has managed her own pasture-based meat goat herd since 1993 gaining lots of experience coping with internal parasites in a lush, humid environment. tatiana graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1976 with a BS in Crop Science followed by a stint in the Peace Corps as a goat extensionist for the Jamaica 4-H. While getting her MS in Dairy Science & Tropical Soils from Cal Poly, tatiana was herdsperson for a large commercial goat dairy. After graduation tatiana worked as a goat/sheep specialist for Heifer International training farmers in the Caribbean and Central America and was herdsperson for the International Dairy Goat Center at Prairie View, Texas. In 1990, tatiana obtained a PhD in Animal Breeding at Cornell University studying genotype X environment interactions in dairy cattle in Latin America and the US. She most enjoys research that combines her interest in forages with her love for small ruminant farming. The Cornell Sheep & Goat Program’s research priorities focus on 1) multiple use of livestock combining meat with dairy, 2) co-location with NYS renewable energy projects or invasive habitat control and 3) management innovations to improve livestock resilience and/or resistance to internal parasite infection. The program has conducted studies at numerous goats and sheep farms throughout New York investigating the efficacy of 1) oral dosing with copper oxide wire particles (COWP) and/or 2) grazing higher tannin varieties of birdsfoot trefoil for managing barber pole worm infections across different farm management systems.  The program also conducted a 3-year project with 12 farms comparing the effectiveness of two treatment protocols for treating deer worm infections in small ruminants. Research sponsors have included NESARE, USDA-NIFA-OREI, USDA-NIFA-Org. Transitions, NNYADP and Hatch & Smith-Lever Federal Capacity Funds.


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