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Kwame Matthews

Associate Professor
Small Ruminant Specialist
(302) 857-6540

Delaware State University
College of Agriculture and Related Sciences
Agriculture Annex Building, 149
1200 N. Dupont Hwy.
Dover, DE 19901

Dr. Kwame Matthews is an Associate Professor and Small Ruminant Specialist at Delaware State University. He has a split appointment in Extension, Research and Teaching. He completed his Ph.D. at Tuskegee University in July of 2016 where he worked on Identifying Chemical Inhibitors for Novel Therapeutic Molecular Targets in Haemonchus contortus. He received his masters at Delaware State University where he worked on using plant dewormers (pumpkin seed and ginger) and breed resistance to reduce internal parasite infections in small ruminants and assisted with several parasite and reproduction research conducted by his advisor. His current interest lies in low-input small ruminant production and using basic and applied research to identify novel means of parasite control which will be applicable for producers.

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Best Management Practices:  Management of Coccidia [March 2019] | En Español

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