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James Morgan

Round Mountain Consulting

(479) 236-9569

18235 Wildlife Road
Fayetteville, Arkansas  72701



James Morgan is a sheep producer and consultant who lives in Fayetteville Arkansas. His graduate education involved using animal models to understand more about biomedical physiology. He received his B.S. from Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, a M.S. from University of Oregon and a Ph.D. from Oregon Statue University. Dr Morgan was a part time researcher and teacher at the University of Arkansas until 2002. Since then, he has worked for Katahdin Hair Sheep International, been active with the National Sheep Improvement Program, American Sheep Industry Association, and for several years helped award grants for USDA’s Southern SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension). Dr. Morgan is particularly active in helping bridge the information gap between researchers and small ruminant producers. He has worked with Drs. Dave Notter and Joan Burke to develop across flock parasite resistance measures in Katahdin sheep. A particular problem is comparison of parasite resistance of sheep in different management systems. These across flock parasite resistance measures provided by the National Sheep Improvement Program allow sires to be ranked with in breed for parasite resistance.  He has been a cooperator on grants with Dr. Joan Burke in her work with investigating resistance to barber pole worm in lambs and ewes. He has written several articles for popular press on parasite resistance, sheep genetics, and efficient management that have been published in The Shepherd, Sheep Industry News, Sheep Canada and the Katahdin Hairald.


Fact sheets
Best Management Practices:  On-farm selection for resistance to parasites [January 2021]
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