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Doctoral Candidate

(401) 439-8417



Department of Fisheries, Animal, & Vet Science
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, Rhode Island

Elizabeth Kass is a third-year doctoral candidate at the University of Rhode island with a strong interest in livestock and One Health. Her current research focuses on identifying alternative anti-parasitic therapies to control gastrointestinal nematodes, specifically Haemonchus contortus, in small ruminants. She plans to attend veterinary school once her PhD is complete and continue her career in academia as a veterinary parasitologist. She plans to focus her research on the management of helminth infections in livestock. In addition to her research, Elizabeth is a member of the American Association of  Veterinary Parasitology  student committee, and is highly involved in her University, serving as the Student Representative for her specialization and a Graduate Student Ambassador for the department.

Crystal Proteins:  a novel alternative to manage gastrointestinal parasites in sheep and goats [June 2024]

Fact sheets
The Other Worms: Brown Stomach Worms (Teladorsagia circumcincta) (December 2022)

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