ACSRPC Video Library

The American Consortium for Small Ruminant Consortium (ACSRPC) maintains a library of recommended videos pertaining to internal parasite control in small ruminants.

FAMACHA© scoring, how and why to do FAMACHA© scoring,
how and why to do fecal egg counting, microscope crash course

FAMACHA© in a nuthshell, FAMACHA© scoring Out West, collecting a
fecal sample, administering COWP, know thy enemy, taking a blood sample

Best management practices, body condition scoring, determining effectiveness of dewormers, COWP, BioWorma®, genetic selection for parasite resistance

New approach to parasite management, selection for parasite resistance, jugular bleeding technique

History of FAMACHA©, fight the (liver) fluke, war of the worms
body condition scoring of goats, sericea lespedeza, antiparasitic resistance, refugia

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Hair sheep tend to be more resistant to gastro-intestinal parasites than wooled sheep or goats.