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What Works With Worms

2015 International Congress on Sustainable Parasite Management

The American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control, along with the South African Veterinary Association and the Veterinary Science Faculty of the University of Pretoria, sponsored an International Congress on sustainable parasite management. W4: What Works With Worms was held May 25-26, 2015, at the Farm Inn in Pretoria, South Africa.

Conference Proceedings

Anthelmintic Efficacy More Sustainable via Implementation of Whole Flock Targeted Treatment (TT)
and Targeted Selective Treatment (TST)
Dr. Jan van Wyk


The "Big Five" - a South African Perspective on Sustainable Holistic Internal Parasite Management in Sheep and Goats
Dr. Gareth Bath

Choosing the Right Drug for Worm Control
Dr. Lisa Williamson


Correct Administration of Anthelmintics
Dr. Ken Pettey

Determining the Level of Efficacy in Anthelmintics
Dr. Ray Kaplan

Does Diatomaceous Earth Have a Role in Worm Control?
Dr. Niki C. Whitley and Dr. James Miller

Facts and Fictions About Tapeworm in Sheep
Dr. Seyedmehdini Mobini


The FAMACHA System - Back to Nature's Basics
Drs. Faffa Malan, Gareth Bath, and Jan van Wyk

Fecal Egg Counts:  Uses and Limitations
Bob Storey


The Five Point Check for Targeted Selective Treatment of Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants [Abstract only]
Dr. Gareth Bath


Getting the Message Across to Farmers
Susan Schoenian

Herbs and Spices as Alternative Compounds to Manage Helminthosis in Sheep and Goats

E.N. Escobar, Ph.D.

How and Why Resistance to Worms Develops
Dr. Ray Kaplan


Liver Fluke Relevance and Control Strategies (Small Stock and Cattle) -- Including Practical Application and Limitations of Fluke Serology
Dr. F.S. (Faffa) Malan


Potential Newer Control Methods
Dr. James Miller


Practical Breeding for Sheep Resistance and Resilience to Haemonchus Contortus: Trial to Select Haemonchus Contortus Resistance Sheep  Under Summer Rainfall Conditions
Alan Fisher


The Role of Pasture Management in Controlling Intestinal Parasites
Dr. Gareth Bath, Susan Schoenian, and Dr. Tom Terrill

Sequential Treatment as a Possible Way of Slowing AR
Dr. D. Midgley, Private Veterinary Consultant


Smart Man's Lucerne and Worm Control
Dr. Tom Terrill


Towards a Commercially Available Vaccine for Wireworm:  Efficacy with Dorper Sheep in South Africa

H. Bredendamp, G.F.N. Newlands, OberemPTO, W.D. Smith, and M.G. Snyman


The Use of Sericea Lespedeza (Smart Man's Lucerne) in South Africa
H. Botha, South African farmers


The Use of Tannin Containing Resources in the Control of Gastro Intestinal Nematodes in Small Ruminants
H. Hoste, F. Torres Acosta, L. Mueller, T.H. Turner


When Anthelmintics Can Cause Death and Illness
R. Leask



Practical Sessions
Anaemia Estimation and the Five Point Check
Dosing (Drenching) - Doing it the Right Way
Faecel (dung) sampling


Thanks to the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI)  and California Sheep Commission for providing financial support for the W4: What Works With Worms Congress.

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