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Instructional Materials for FAMACHA© Workshops

These are links to publications and other resources suggested for use with FAMACHA© Workshops or other programs pertaining to internal parasite control in small ruminants.

Best Management Practices Factsheets (PDF)

Copper oxide wire particles
 | Spanish 
Genetic Selection
Genomic-enhanced EBVs

Management of Coccidia | Spanish

Managing Dewormer Resistance
Nutritional Effects on Parasites | Spanish
On-Farm Selection for Resistance to Parasites | Spanish
Organic control of parasites

Parasite Biology
Pasture Management

Periparturient Egg Rise
Sericea lespedeza | Spanish
Targeted Selective Treatment

Using Dewormers Properly

Worm-Killing Fungus
"Other Worms" Factsheet Series (PDF)

Brown stomach worm
Cooperia spp.

Hook worm

Meningeal worm (deer worm)

Nodule (nodular) worm
Other worms that infect sheep/goats

Trichostrongylus colubriformis

Dewormer charts for small ruminants (PDF)

Camelids (llamas, alpacas)


FAMACHA© Anemia Record

FAMACHA© Information Guide
Open letter to sheep and goat producers

How to order a FAMACHA© card
Why and how to do FAMACHA© scoring

Why FAMACHA© score?
Possible methods of marketing sheep that have been treated

Fecal egg counting

Fecal egg counting for sheep and goat producers
Guide to Internal Parasites of Ruminants (Intervet)
Modified McMaster Egg Counting for Quantitation of Nematode Eggs
Standards solutions for fecal examinations
Using fecal egg counts on your farm
What do fecal worm egg counts tell us?

Where to buy McMaster slides

Timely Topic Articles (PDF)

Combination Treatments
Copper oxide wire particles:  keeping it safe
Disgusting tapeworms
Do's and Don't's of FAMACHA© scoring 
How safe are dewormers?

Organic management of parasites
Role of fecal egg counts in sheep/goat health
Understanding the Risk Factors...
Use of Toltrazuril (and its metabolites) in Small Ruminants in the US
When deworming's not enough

Worm trapping fungus

ATTRA-NCAT Fact Sheets

Coccidiosis: symptoms, preventing and treatment in sheep, goats, and calves

How fecal egg counts can help you fight parasites
Tips for managing internal parasites
Tips for preventing parasites
Tips for managing internal parasites in small ruminants:  animal selection
Tips for managing internal parasites in small ruminants:  copper oxide wire particles
Tips for managing internal parasites in small ruminants:  pasture management
Tips for managing internal parasites in small ruminants:  sericea lespedeza

Other fact sheets and publications

Body condition scores in goats
Body condition scoring sheep
Dairy goat body condition scoring
Four phases of parasitic infection


FAMACHA© scoring: Cover-Push-Pull-Pop
FAMACHA© in a nutshell
FAMACHA© Score Out West

PowerPoint presentations for teaching FAMACHA©
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Leyla Rios de Alvarez, Mississippi State University
Steve Hart, Langston University
Jim Miller, Louisiana State University
Susan Schoenian, University of Maryland Extension

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