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External Videos

History of FAMACHA© (2019)
Interview with Dr. Faffa Malan

Landbou (South Africa)
Runtime:  17 minutes 30 seconds

Fight the Fluke (2018)
Moredun Research Institute
Runtime:  6 minutes 53 seconds

War of the Worms (2016)
Moredun Research Institute
Runtime:  4 minutes 47 seconds

Body condition scores in goats (2008)
Langston University
Runtime:  2 minutes 10 seconds

Antiparasitic resistance in cattle, small ruminants, and horses in the US (2017)
Food & Drug Administration
Runtime:  7 minutes 30 seconds

Sericea lespedeza for parasite control (2016)
Kentucky Forages: Tom Terrill
Runtime:  46 minutes 13 seconds


Using Refugia to Manage Parasites (2018)
Food & Drug Administration
Runtime:  4 minutes 18 seconds

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