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Videos from NCAT ATTRA

NCAT ATTRA is a national clearing house for information on sustainable agriculture.

FAMACHA© in a Nutshell (2018)
Dr. Jim Miller
Runtime:  6 minutes 55 seconds

How to take samples for a ruminant fecal egg count (2018)
Runtime:  1 minutes 10 seconds

How to administer COWP boluses (2018)
Dr. Jim Miller
Runtime:  1 minutes 43 seconds

FAMACHA© Score Out West (2016)
Dave Scott
Runtime:  10 minutes 25 seconds

Don't let the barber pole worm ravage your flock (2019)
Dave Scott
Runtime:  1 hours 17 minutes

Managing Your Flock (2020)
Linda Coffey and Joan Burke
Part 1: Diagnosing and Treating Sick Sheep
Part 2: Preventing internal parasites


How to take a blood sample (2018)
Chad Lee, USDA ARS
Runtime:  2 minutes 37 seconds

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