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South African Information Guide

The FAMACHA© Worm Control System has been thoroughly tested in many countries since 1990 and found useful wherever Haemonchus contortus (Barber’s Pole Worm) is an important problem in small ruminants.

The Five Point Check© is a simple, quick, cheap, reliable, and easily learned system of examining sheep or goats for key signs that will indicate whether an animal needs treatment, or is likely to benefit from treatment. It gives a list of major parasites (and other conditions) that may cause the signs that are seen, so that the right drug groups can be used.

In South Africa, the "Big Five" denote the five game animals that tourists long to see while on safari. They are lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and (African) buffalo. The "Big Five" approach for worm control in sheep and goats considers 1) Animal; 2) Worm load: 3) Pastures; 4) Monitoring; and 5) Drugs and other measures.

All of these strategies were developed by researchers in South Africa and are detailed in their pamphlet and information guide: WURMFUNDI: What Works With Worms.

There is interest in adapting this guide for US conditions.

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