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Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests!

The Grass, Goats, and...Uninvited Guests! curriculum focuses on small ruminant (sheep and goats) parasitology and diagnostics. The activities blend animal science, biology, ecology, agriculture, and math concepts while incorporating important 4-H youth life skills such as critical thinking, decision making, learning to learn, goal setting, organization, wise resource use, and communication.

Dr. Wilson teaching a group of youth

This innovative, hands-on curriculum uses goat (or sheep) stuffed animal models, group learning, and edible treats to teach participants about the FAMACHA© system and hematocrit determination to diagnose anemia, dag scoring, body condition scoring, fecal worm egg counts, and treatment for barber pole worm.

The curriculum was authored by Dr. Chantel Wilson, a 4-H STEM Specialist from Virginia State University. Dr. Wilson is planning an online training session soon.

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