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Update: Mini FLOTAC

The lab of Dr. Ray Kaplan at the University of Georgia is the North American distributor for Mini FLOTAC fecal egg counting devises. The Mini FLOTAC is a relatively new method developed at the University of Naples in Italy. The mini-FLOTAC system uses a counting chamber with a novel design, along with a self-contained processing device called a Fill-FLOTAC. This makes performing a fecal egg count (FEC) easier, less messy, and more consistent.

Image source: University of Naples

This method also has a much higher diagnostic sensitivity for detecting eggs in fecal samples (5 EPG) than McMasters, and has better accuracy and better precision than both McMasters and the Modified Wisconsin fecal egg counting methods.

The lower threshold of detection (5 EPG) of the Mini FLOTAC is particularly useful when performing FEC on livestock species such as horses and cattle where lower fecal egg counts are common, and when conducting a fecal egg count reduction test (FECRT) for measuring the efficacy of dewormers.

For more information, see the University of Naples web site or or contact the Kaplan lab at (706) 542-0742 or

Current pricing

Mini-FLOTAC Counting Chambers/Disks: 1-4 units, $17; 5-9 units, $16; 10-20 units, $15; and >20 units, $13. Fill-FLOTAC: 1-4 units, $13; 5-9 units, $12; 10-20 units, $11; and >20 units, $10.![endif]--

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