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New Web Site: Duddingtonia is a new web site dedicated to disseminating facts and information concerning the efficacy of Duddingtonia flagrans in the successful treatment of parasite infestations in grazing animals around the world.

Duddingtonia flagrans (abbreviated to D. flagrans) is a natural strain of fungus isolated from the environment and found around the world. It is a nematophagous fungus. Nematophagous is a Greek word meaning "worm-eating".

D. fragrans is found on pasture (rarely soil) or in manure where it builds a microscopic net that traps, paralyses, and consumes the juvenile stages (larvae) of parasitic worms. It is highly host specific, only targeting parasitic nematodes.

When fed to grazing animals, D. flagrans spores pass through the digestive system and into the manure, where they are activated when parasitic worm larvae become active. The spores have no effect on the host animal.

There are several published studies which document the efficacy of D. flagrans as a parasite control agent. Read Jim's Miller's Timely Topic about D. fragrans from 2013.

The web site gives visitors the option of signing up for the Duddingtonia newsletter. To do so, click the Stay Informed button.

"I have been told that the product should be available in the US sometime early 2018. Stay tuned. " Dr. Jim Miller, Louisiana State University (retired).

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