Yoko Tsukahara, PhD

Visiting Research Scientist

American Institute for Goat Research

(405) 466-6132


Langston University

PO Box 730, Langston, OK 73050

Phone: 405-466-6132

Dr. Yoko Tsukahara is currently a Visiting Research Scientist at the American Institute for Goat Research (AIGR), Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma. Dr. Tsukahara earned her Ph.D. in Animal Science from Kyoto University, Japan in 2011. Her doctoral research focused on genetics and production system analysis of crossbred goats in the tropics. Since then, her research interest has been on small ruminants and she received postdoctoral training at AIGR in 2011-2016. During that term, she was selected to lead a USDA-funded project entitled “Sustainable Small Ruminant Production Through Selection for Resistance to Internal Parasites (USDA 1890 Institution Capacity Building Grant Project 2012-2016).” She conducted a central performance test with artificial infection of Haemonchus contortus using meat goats and hair sheep from different farms in the southcentral USA over three years. From the project, six articles on genetics, genomics, and anthelmintic resistance have been published in international journals. Dr. Tsukahara has served as a Board Member of the International Goat Association since 2016 and has been promoting sustainable control methods to cope with internal parasitism in small ruminants worldwide. She has conducted several internal parasite control workshops and FAMACHA training at AIGR as well as in her home country, Japan.

6 October 2021