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Ann Wells, DVM

(479) 409-8772

Springpond Holistic Animal Health

Ozark Pasture Beef

Prairie Grove, Arkansas


Dr. Ann Wells graduated from Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine and has more than 25 years of experience in livestock production, including producing and selling natural lamb and grass finished beef. Dr. Wells worked in private practice for eleven years and has worked for several sustainable agriculture organizations.  While working for Heifer International, she researched parasite management strategies to reduce the need for anthelmintics.  Currently, Dr. Wells operates two businesses, teaching and consulting about sustainable animal wellness plans under Springpond Holistic Animal Health, and producing and marketing grass-finished beef and lamb for Ozark Pasture Beef. 

Operating a sheep and goat veterinary practice sparked her interest in complementary veterinary medicine. Her philosophy is to focus on the health of the animal through controlled grazing management and stress reduction techniques and strategies. She really feels that nutrition is the key to good health. Dr. Wells works with ruminant producers, large and small, helping them develop health management plans.


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