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Emily Clement, MPA, LVT

Animal Science Co- Investigator

Small Ruminant Extension Associate

(502)  597-6752

Kentucky State University
Frankfort, Kentucky


Emily Clement works for Kentucky State University (KSU) with Dr. Ken Andries as a Small Ruminant Extension Associate and Research Co-Investigator. The KSU Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration farm houses the 200+ head goat herd that is utilized for gastrointestinal parasite research as well as grazing studies and extension demonstrations.  

Emily believes in the potential of education and enjoys empowering small farmers with the knowledge and resources needed to produce the highest quality and cost efficient product possible.   She leads the Kentucky Small Ruminant Herd Improvement Program (KSRHIP) which physically assesses the production goals of individual producers with their current situation and resources to make written recommendations for better productivity and improved herd health.  Her truth is: “if you take care of the animal, it will take care of you” regarding all animals; especially true when relating to production livestock.

She is a licensed Veterinary Technician and has worked in the animal industry since 1994. Her experience spans from private veterinary practices, laboratories, shelters, to teaching veterinary technology on the college level.  Emily holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Murray State University and a Master’s of Science in Public Administration from South University.  She lives in Louisville, Kentucky where she shares her hobby farm/ garden and home with goats, bees, chickens, an elderly potbellied- pig, and senior companion dogs.



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