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Bob Storey, MS, RVT

Research Scientist  (retired)
Lab Manager

(706) 542-0195

Department of Infectious Diseases
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602


Bob Storey is a research scientist, laboratory manager, and Registered Veterinary Technician for the parasitology research labs of Dr. Ray M. Kaplan, located at the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine. He also serves as the manager of the FAMACHA© program for North America.  Bob received his B.S. (1988) and M.S. (1989) at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He received a degree in Veterinary Technology from Gwinnett College in 2007.  Bob is actively involved in FAMACHA© and “Smart Drenching” training for producers, extension agents and veterinarians.  He frequently assists sheep, goat, llama and alpaca producers, and their veterinarians with management of parasite issues.  His current areas of research interest includes prevalence and mechanisms of anthelmintic resistance in small ruminants and camelids, novel approaches to parasite control, as well as the emergence of resistance in cattle and equine parasite in the US. When not engrossed in parasite related matters, Bob can be found behind a camera or working around his farm in Stephens, Georgia.


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