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What's New?    Infographics are.

Wikipedia defines infographics as clipped compounds of "information" and "graphics" that are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.  They are like one-page fact sheets, highlighting the most important information about a topic. The consortium had created a series of infographics about gastro-intestinal parasites. Most of the infographics have been translated into Spanish.

Links to all the Infographics

How to get a
Flickr - FAMACHA(c) card

Unless you are a veterinarian, you must show proof of proper instruction in order to get a FAMACHA© card. The certificate of competence you receive after your training (in-person or online) is your proof. Louisiana State University is the sole North American distributor of FAMACHA© cards. Contact them at to purchase a replacement card.

¿Habla español?

El Consorcio Americano para el Control de Parásitos en Pequeños Rumiantes (ACSRPC; está traduciendo al español parte de los materiales
y recursos educacionales disponibles. La certificación en línea para el uso
de la tarjeta FAMACHA© también
está disponible para usuarios
que hablan español.


Recursos en español

FAMACHA© Programa
de Entrenamiento

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