FAMACHA© UPDATE                                         

In North America, FAMACHA© cards are distributed by Louisiana State University.  In order to receive a FAMACHA© card, you must receive training from a certified FAMACHA© instructor. This includes online FAMACHA© certification. Certified FAMACHA© instructors may purchase cards in batches.  Veterinarians without FAMACHA© certification may currently purchase cards in batches for sale to producers, with the express understanding that they will train each producer individually.  This may change in the future and veterinarians may be required to be certified to purchase batches of cards.  Inquiries regarding FAMACHA© cards should be directed to famacha@lsu.edu or (225) 578-9710. To purchase a replacement FAMACHA© card, you must provide proof of training. You should have received a certificate of competence when you completed your training. If not, contact your instructor.

DRENCHRITE® UPDATE                                         

The DrenchRite® test is no longer available at the University of Georgia.  Dr. Adriano Vatta at Louisiana State University intends to offer the test but it has not been possible to source the test kits from the manufacturers in Australia for more than a year now.  The kits are an essential component required to perform the tests.  Further updates will be made here if and when the test kits become available again, but if you wish to obtain an update on progress towards offering the DrenchRite® tests, please contact Dr. Vatta at avatta2@lsu.edu