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Dr. Steve Hart

Retired Extension Goat Specialist


(405) 466-6138


Langston University
Langston, Oklahoma

Steve Hart is a retired Goat Extension Specialist from Langston University in Oklahoma. Worked as an Extension Specialist and conducting research at Langston since 1991 until his retirement in 2019. He received a BS degree in Dairy Science from Texas A & M in 1972. Following service in the Army during the end of the Vietnam conflict, he received a MS in Animal Nutrition from Texas A & M in 1971. He completed a Ph.D. in the Dairy Science Department at Virginia Tech in 1981 in Nutrition. He has conducted extension education programs in goat production and goat parasites in Oklahoma and has spoken to goat producers in over 20 states. He has taught many workshops on integrated parasite management both within and outside of Oklahoma. He conducted some of the first research showing the efficacy of sericea lespedeza in controlling parasites and has conducted a number of field studies using FAMACHA© and copper oxide wire particles. He has conducted a study on rotation grazing for controlling worms. Steve has investigated several herbs such as cayenne pepper, wormwood, and garlic for parasite control. He has written a number of articles in popular press magazines on parasite control and other subjects.  Steve conducted research and extension in the area of nutrition and helped designed the Langston interactive nutrient calculator on Langston's web site. He wrote the chapters in the Meat Goat Handbook on Goat Nutrition and Goats for Vegetation Management. He continues to answer extension questions, speaks to producer groups and writes articles on goats for popular press magazines.


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