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Faffa Malan

Manager of the Ruminant Veterinary Association of South Africa (RuVASA) a group of the South African Veterinary Association and veterinary consultants

+27 82 90 88 666 (cell)


Faffa Malan had been in large animal practice and thereafter spent 25 years on the Hoechst Research unit, later taken over by Intervet , in Malalane, adjacent to the Kruger National Park. The efficacy and safety of new parasiticidal drugs were tested and registration trials done. During these years, the FAMACHA© system was developed by the three comrades: Gareth Bath, Jan van Wyk, and Faffa Malan. Faffa is presently the manager of RuVASA and compiles a monthly disease report of ruminant diseases and other conditions that occur in South Africa ( He also manages a website of a farmer’s magazine  where farmers' questions are answered on animal topics including parasite control ( Over 4000 answers are presently available.  Faffa is still active in training veterinarians, co-operative personnel, and farmers on the importance of biosecurity, diseases, parasites, and immunity. He has been the recipient of the Agriculturist of the year awarded by the Agricultural Writers Association of South Africa and the President’s award from the South African Veterinary Association.

Conference proceedings
The FAMACHA System - Back to Nature's Basics - W4: What Works With Worms Congress, Pretoria, South Africa [May 2015] 

Liver Fluke Relevance and Control Strategies (Small Stock and Cattle) -- Including Practical Application and Limitations of Fluke Serology - W4: What Works With Worms Congress, Pretoria, South Africa [May 2015] 

History of FAMACHA - Landbou, South Africa [2019]

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