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Jan Van Wyk

Extraordinary Lecturer
Dept. of Veterinary Tropical Diseases


+27(12) 529 8380 (work)
+27(12) 529 8312 (fax)
+27 82 82 2527 (cell)

Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Pretoria
Private Bag x04
Onderstepoort 0110
South Africa


Jan van Wyk has been in helminth research since 1968, with the initial focus on schistosomosis, later management of nematodes in small ruminants. Past service includes field work as State Veterinarian in South Africa and Namibia for five years, followed by research at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute and the University of Pretoria. His research is now largely conducted with teams from outside of South Africa. It is focused principally on development of sustainable integrated parasite management (sIPM) systems for countering development of drug resistance, with the emphasis on targeted selective treatment (TST) using systems such as FAMACHA© and decision support automation with electronic systems including mobiles and activity monitoring devices.

Last updated 05.29.21


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