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Byeng R. Min, Ph.D.

Research Animal Scientist

(806) 356-5752


300 Simmons Road

Bushland, TX 79012


Byeng R. Min is an Animal nutritionist and rumen microbiologist in the Conservation and production Research Lab at USDA/ARS, Bushland, Texas. Byeng earned degrees in Animal science from Kon-Kuk University (B.S.), South Korea, and Massey University (M.S. and Ph.D.), New Zealand. Dr. Min conducts research on sheep, goats, and cattle, focusing on providing technology to enable small to mid-size farmers to maximize profits and sustainability.  His research is focused on the rumen microbial ecology of the gut in food animals, and how this can affect feed efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions as well as antimicrobial resistance transfer. Further interests included the impacts of rumen microbial structure on the microbial population, development of intervention strategies to reduce antimicrobial resistant bacteria in ruminants, understanding how the microbiome can affect host health and productivity as well as behaviors.

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