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Vet Speaks About DE

Dr. Sarah Crews speaks about diatomaceous earth (DE) in one of her latest "Sez the Vet" YouTube videos: Diatomaceous Earth vs. Gut Worms: Comparing the Evidence. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is often touted as a deworming agent.

In the 7 minute 41 second video, Dr. Crews discusses the research that has been done with DE. She does not recommend DE because there is not enough research to support its use. However, she does suggest some circumstances where DE might be helpful.

Dr. Sez (Crews) is a lifestyle block veterinarian near Auckland, New Zealand. Her "Sez the Vet" YouTube channel is a good source of information for small ruminant producers. Videos cover various ailments affecting small ruminants, as well as management topics.

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