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Evaluating bucks for parasite resistance

West Virginia University (WVU) will be doing its buck test again in 2021. The test has a capacity of 150 bucks. In order to accurately evaluate the bucks for parasite resistance, it is essential that bucks have prior exposure to parasites. They need to be put on pasture ASAP. The minimum weight for bucks is 40 lbs.

At the beginning of the test, the bucks will be artificially challenged with 5000 Haemonchus contortus larvae. While on test they will be fed a complete pellet. The test will last for 63 days. Within a week before the test ends, the bucks will be ultrasounded for loin eye measurements and fat depth.

Nominations are due May 2. The delivery date is May 22.

You can follow the buck test on Facebook @WVUrambucktest.

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