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BioWorma® Now Available

BioWorma® can now be purchased in the US. Previously, livestock producers could only purchase Livamol, the supplement that contains BioWorma®. This is because EPA restricts the sale of BioWorma® to veterinarians and feed premixers.

Premier 1 Sheep Supplies (in Iowa) is now selling 15-lb. pails of BioWorma®. Premier is able to sell BioWorma® directly to producers because it has veterinarians on-staff.

BioWorma® contains 34.2% fungus (Duddingtonia flagrans), 500,000 units per gram. Livamol® with BioWorma® contains only 2.2% fungus; 34,000 units per gram. The feeding rate of BioWorma® is 0.1 ounces per 100 lbs. live weight whereas the feeding rate of Livamol® with BioWorma® is 1.6 ounces per 100 lbs. live weight. Both products should be thoroughly mixed into feed and fed during periods of parasite risk.

While the 15-lb. pail of BioWorma® is considerably more expensive than the 15-lb. pail of Livamol with BioWorma®, it costs considerably less to feed the fungus, about one-third the cost of Livamol, according to Premier's product prices (as of 03/19/2020). The cost of either product can be reduced if purchased in bulk (3 pails or more).

BioWorma® consumes larvae from the pasture, reducing the possibility of reinfection. However, It does not eliminate parasites present in the animal.

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