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Prevalence of Coccidia in Florida Goats

A study was undertaken to determine the prevalence and intensity of coccidia infection in Florida goats. Fecal samples from 277 goats from 11 farms were examined.

Oocysts of Eimeria spp. were found in 97 percent of samples. Oocyst counts were much higher in kid goats (< 1 year) than adults: 13,229 vs. 2229 opg. Goats of the Nubian breed had the highest oocyst counts when compared to Boer, Boer-Spanish crosses, and Saanens.

Nine Eimeria species were identified. Eimeria arloingi (91%), E. ninakohlyakimovae (82%), and E. alijevi (79%) were the most prevalent species. Mixed infections were encountered in most of the samples, with up to eight Eimeria species recovered from individual samples.

The findings were similar to other studies and pinpointed the need for producers to adopt effective management practices to decrease the development and impact of coccidia.

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