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Effect of Se and Cu Supplementation

Brazilian researchers examined the protein profile of lambs experimentally infected with Haemonchus contortus and supplemented with selenium and copper. Twenty-eight crossbred Corriedale x Texel five-month old male lambs were used. They were stratified into four groups of seven animals each, based on treatment: 1) infected and not treated; 2) infected and treated with sodium selenite; 3) infected and treated with copper; and 4) infected and treated with both sodium selenite and copper.

Higher levels of total protein and gamma globulin were observed in the lambs treated with sodium selenite and copper on day 80. Copper acted as a growth promoter. The copper-supplemented groups exhibited higher daily and total weight gain. The association of selenium and copper altered the protein profile of sheep. Copper and selenium supplementation reduced fecal egg counts and worm burden at the end of the experiment.

Further studies are warranted. Source: Parasites & Vectors, August 2014

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