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Field Evaluation of BioWorma®

BioWorma® is a feed supplement containing spores of Duddingtonia flagrans, a naturally-occurring, nematode-trapping fungus. It was developed by an animal health company in Australia and has been registered for use in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

A recent article in the Journal of Veterinary Parasitology reports on the field evaluation of BioWorma® for the reduction of worm burdens in horses, cattle, and goats.

Overall, the studies with BioWorma® reported show substantial and statistically-significant reductions in the emergence of infective nematode larvae from the feces of horses, cattle and goats. It is suggested that use of BioWorma® in these host species would, therefore, lead to decreased levels of worm infection in animals grazing pasture where the product is used and would provide an alternative means of controlling parasitic nematodes.

Source: Journal of Veterinary Parasitology, July 2018.

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