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1st Broad-Spectrum Combination Drench

In October, VIRBAC Australia introduced Tribectin™, the world's first broad-spectrum combination drench. Tridectin™ is a new class of combination drench than contains three powerful broad-spectrum actives: moxidectin, albendazole, and levamisole.

Tridectin™ has a registered claim to will kill triple-resistant worms and monepantel (Zolvix®)-resistant worms. According to the company's web site, it kills moxidectin-susceptible strains of barper pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days. The product has a wide safety profile, with a meat withdrawal of 7 days.

Tridectin™ is not available in the US. No combination dewormers are currently available in the US for small ruminants. To administer a combination treatment, products must be purchased separately and given singly. The products cannot be mixed, as they are not chemically compatible. Furthermore, only veterinarians have the right to compound medications.

In his January 2017 Timely Topic, Dr. Ray Kaplan recommended the use of combination treatments to treat clinically-parasitized animals. He stated, "There now is very strong evidence that using combination treatment is the best method for using dewormers and should be instituted on all farms immediately."

To "duplicate" the effect of Tribectin™, you would administer full doses of moxidectin (Cydectin®), albendazole (Valbazen®), and Levamisole (Prohibit®, Leva-Med®). The drugs can be given one after the other, but must be administered separately. To maintain refugia, it is essential that a selective treatment approach be applied, using FAMACHA© , the Five Point Check© and/or performance indicators. It is important not to give a combination treatment to all animals in a management group.

The use of combination treatments in goats and camelids requires extra label drug use and a valid veterinarian-patient-client-relationship.

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