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Resistance in an Institutional Herd

Four anthelmintics were tested for resistance in an institutional meat goat herd. Meat goat does at Tennessee State University were administered one of four anthelmintics orally [ivermectin (n=18), moxidectin (n=18), levamisole (n=17), or albendazole (n=19) or water (n=18)]. Fecal samples were collected pre-treatment and 12 days post-treatment.

Fecal egg count reductions were calculated using three equations. Sire breed affected pre-treatment FEC, but not post-treatment FEC. Pre-treatment FEC did not differ by group. However, post-treatment FEC varied by group.

FEC reductions were determined using three equations. A FEC reduction falling below 80 or 90 percent, depending upon equation, determined resistance. Anthelmintic resistance was detected in all four anthelmintics using each equation.

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