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Replacement FAMACHA© cards for $9


Hello! We hope this note finds you well. Thank you for using the FAMACHA© system and we hope FAMACHA© has continued to serve you well in your quest to control parasites in your animals. We are sending out this notice to remind everyone that despite having a UV-protectant coating, with time the color scale on the FAMACHA© card fades. Since issuing a correct score is dependent on the color of the card, as the card fades incorrect readings will result, leading to more animals being treated than are necessary. This costs money and counteracts one of the main advantages of using FAMACHA©.

Additionally, because the fading is so slow and progressive it is not noticeable unless the card is compared to a new one. Because of this we suggest that cards be replaced approximately every two years, although the time frame necessary can vary greatly depending on how often the card is used and how it is stored between uses (NOTE: store cards in a dark place where they are not exposed to direct light). We highly suggest that if you have had FAMACHA© cards, or have distributed FAMACHA©, that you would replace your cards and advise those you have trained to replace theirs.

The normal cost for replacement cards is $13 each, which is discounted approximately 20% as compared to ordering the full packet. However, as a special promotion, to encourage as many people as possible to get a replacement card, we are offering a 30% discount off of the regular replacement card price. For the next 3 months, we will be offering replacement cards for only $9 each. We are doing this because we want to encourage as many folks as possible to replace their old faded cards, so that FAMACHA© can be practiced as accurately as possible.

When you receive your replacement card compare it to your old card. If your old card is faded throw it away and start using the new card. If there is little or no difference between the two, then place the new card in a drawer and keep it as a reference card, and periodically compare the card in use and replace it when necessary.

Also, don’t forget that there is a lot of great information on FAMACHA©, as well as many other parasite control topics on the web site of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control.

In addition, two of our ACSRPC members at University of Rhode Island and Virginia Tech have prepared several instructional videos on ‘Why and How’ to properly perform FAMACHA©, to perform fecal egg counts, and to practice integrated parasite control. These will be great refreshers if it has been awhile since you had your FAMACHA training. Additionally, the University of Rhode Island now offers on-line training. So if you have friends who want to get FAMACHA©-trained but can’t find a local workshop to attend this is a new option. For both the videos and on-line training, see the ACSRPC website and look for the link under “Training>Instructional Materials”.

For more information about FAMACHA© or to place an order please contact us by email at


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