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Susan Schoenian

Sheep & Goat Specialist Emeritus

University of Maryland Extension

15007 Hicksville Road
Clear Spring, MD  21722


Susan Schoenian is a retired Sheep & Goat Specialist for University of Maryland Extension. She joined the University of Maryland faculty in 1988 as a county extension agent. Susan received a B.S. degree in Animal Science from Virginia Tech and a M.S. degree in Animal Science from Montana State University. She had a 100 percent extension appointment. She conducted extension education programs for youth and adults in all aspects of small ruminants, including integrated parasite management (IPM). From 2006-2016, Susan conducted the Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test and did studies comparing carcass characteristics of pen-fed and pasture-reared goats. In 2018, she transitioned to sheep research. Her first project was a comparison study of ram, wether, and short-scrotum lambs. Her last project was a pasture supplementation project. Susan's international experiences include Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and various Caribbean nations. Susan is the author of several web and social media pages pertaining to small ruminants including the Maryland Small Ruminant Page ( and Sheep 101. Susan maintains the web site for the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control. She raises Katahdin sheep, goats, and meat rabbits on her small farm in Western Maryland.


Conference proceedings
Extension's Role in Parasite Control - 10th Anniversary Conference ACSRPC, Fort Valley, GA  [May 2013]
Getting the Message Across to Farmers - W4: What Works With Worms Congress, Pretoria, South Africa [May 2015]

Parasite control in dairy sheep  - DSANA Symposium [October 2012]
The Role of Pasture Management in Controlling Intestinal Parasites - W4: What Works With Worms Congress, Pretoria, South Africa [May 2015]

Best Management Practices:  Targeted Selective Treatment [January 2020]
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Other Worms:  Cooperia spp. [March 2024]

Other Worms:  Tapeworms (Moniezia expansa) [February 2023]
Other Worms: Lungworms [February 2024]


Combination Treatments  ​

Dewormer classes for small ruminants

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Fecal egg counting (2023)

Five Point Check© 

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Internal parasites FOR KIDS (2023)

Omnipresent coccidiosis (2023)

Periparturient egg rise 

Public Enemy #1: barber pole worm (2024)
Tapeworms: problem or not? (2023)


Small ruminant parasite management - Livestock Wala'au [August 2022]
Using dewormers correctly - For the Love of Goats [October 2020]
Worms during kidding season - For the Love of Goats [March 2021]

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