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Dr. James "Jim" P. Muir

Grassland Ecologist
Plant-Animal Interaction

Texas A&M AgriLife Research
1229 North U.S. Highway 281
Stephenville, Texas 76402 USA


Jim Muir is a plant scientist with an ecology and agronomy background focusing on legumes in ecosystems that contain ruminants.  He has years of experience in the southeastern US, Africa and South America.  He works as a legume and small ruminant researcher with Texas A&M AgriLife Research (the old Texas Agricultural Experiment Station) and teaches part-time at Tarleton State University.   His primary interest in small ruminant gastro-intestinal parasites and role within the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control is the study of forage legume condensed tannins in suppression of parasites as well as mitigation of methane emissions and improved nutrition.  For more information on his research program, please see:


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