Effects of Protein Supplementation

Researchers at West Virginia State University conducted experiments to determine the effects of by-pass protein on fecal egg count reduction and post-weaning growth of parasitized, grazing lambs. In the first experiment, spring-born Suffolk crossbred lambs were separated into three supplement groups: 1) alfalfa pellets; 2) corn and soybean meal; and 3) corn, soybean meal, and fish meal. In the second experiment, January-born Suffolk and Dorset lambs were separated into three supplement groups: 1) corn and soybean meal; 2) corn, soybean meal, and fish meal; and 3) corn, soybean meal, and fish oil. Lambs were supplemented at 1 percent of their average body weight. Parasitized lambs may have i

Western FAMACHA© Training

ATTRA, Western SARE, Montana State University, University of Wyoming, and University of Idaho are teaming up to offer a webinar training: Integrated Parasite Management: Sheep. The training will be held Thursday, October 22 from 12:30 to 3 pm. It will include FAMACHA© instruction. Register at https://attra.ncat.org/ipm-training/. It is the last IPM training in the Western SARE IPM Train the Trainer Project that has focused on Intermountain West irrigated pasture-raised sheep.

Control integrado de nematodos

Curso a distancia Control integrado de nematodos gastrointestinales en pequeños rumiantes Del 12 al 16 de octubre de 2020 7 a 19 horas (México) Inscripción https://forms.gle/Exd1nVLPktaU3BkW8

Video: Measuring Pack Cell Volume

The latest Facebook live video from Texas A&M AgriLife's is about measuring packed cell volume to determine anemia and parasite resistance. The 2minute 37 second Youtube video is presented by Jake Thorne, an Extension Assistant. Thorne was the recent recipient of the Sheep Heritage Foundation Scholarship, which he will use to complete his PhD remotely through the University of Idaho. https://youtu.be/VNULs_UId54

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