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The Northeast Small Ruminant Parasite Control Program is conducting a survey to obtain current, baseline information on sheep and goat parasite control concerns and practices. The information obtained will be extremely valuable in continuing to identify needs and develop research and education programs for small ruminant producers living in the Northeast US or that buy animals from or sell animals to Northeast producers. The survey should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. Take the Survey The survey is being conducted by the University of Rhode Island (URI), Department of Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science (FAVS), as part of a USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Educatio

New Infographic: Combo Treatments

Combination treatments are now recommended for clinically-parasitized animals. This infographic provides recommendations for combination treatments. For more detailed information, read Dr. Ray Kaplan's Timely Topic on Combination Treatments. Download as an image (JPG) Download as a PDF file

YouTube Video: BioWorma®

A webinar on BioWorma® was held May 13. Chris Lawlor from International Animal Health was the presenter. The webinar was recorded and the recording has been uploaded to YouTube. BioWorma® contains a fungus that reduces infection of pastures with worm larvae by trapping and killing the larvae when it is in the manure of livestock. BioWorma® is commercially available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Grazing to Control Parasites

According to ATTRA*, there are two long-term, holistic approaches to reining in the barber pole worm (Haemonchus contortus): grazing management and genetic selection. The one with the most immediate returns is strategic grazing. In their 2018 fact sheet, ATTRA discusses strategies for using grazing management to control parasites in the Intermountain West. *ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture is a program of the National Center for Appropriate Technology Download fact sheet

Free BioWorma® Webinar

A free BioWorma® webinar will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, May 13, 7-8 pm Eastern Standard Time. Chris Lawlor from International Animal Health (in Australia) will give a short presentation and answer questions.Registration is required. The registration link is BioWorma® is a product that contains a worming-killing fungus (duddingtonia flagrans). When fed to livestock (daily), it reduces re-contamination of pasture with infective worm larvae.

Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests!

The Grass, Goats, and...Uninvited Guests! curriculum focuses on small ruminant (sheep and goats) parasitology and diagnostics. The activities blend animal science, biology, ecology, agriculture, and math concepts while incorporating important 4-H youth life skills such as critical thinking, decision making, learning to learn, goal setting, organization, wise resource use, and communication. Dr. Wilson teaching a group of youth This innovative, hands-on curriculum uses goat (or sheep) stuffed animal models, group learning, and edible treats to teach participants about the FAMACHA© system and hematocrit determination to diagnose anemia, dag scoring, body condition scoring, fecal worm egg count

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