Marketing Sericea Lespedeza

Fort Valley State University will soon open the door for small-scale growers to gain skills that could help them establish a sustainable market for sericea lespedeza products. Sericea lespedeza is a high-tannin forage that has been shown to reduce internal parasite loads in sheep and goats. It is a perennial warm season legume that can tolerate infertile, acidic soils and grow well on sloping land with minimal lime and fertilizer inputs. Dr. Tom Terrill, a forage specialist who began researching sericea lespedeza in 2004, recently received a SARE grant called, “Expanding Marketing Opportunities for Dried Nutraceutical Sericea Lespedeza Products for Small-Scale Farmers.” The $295,000 award w

Proceedings Available on Flash Drive

Proceedings from the Delmarva Small Ruminant Conference All Worms All Day are now available on a flash drive. The conference was held December 9, 2017, at Delaware State University. Speakers were members of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control (ACSRPC). All topics pertained to internal parasites (worms and coccidia) in small ruminants. To receive the flash drive, send your name and address, along with a $10 check payable to the University of Maryland to All Worms All Day Flash Drive, Western Maryland Research & Education Center, 18330 Keedysville Road, Keedysville, MD 21756.

New Dewormer Approved in Canada

A short-acting, oral drench offered by Zoetis -- Startect -- has received Canadian approval for use in sheep for treatment and control of a range of adult and immature worms, including Haemonchus contortus (barber pole), and nematode parasites including Teladorsagia and Trichostrongylus. Startect contains two active ingredients, abamectic and derquantel, in one product so as to reduce the risk of parasite resistance. According to Zoetis, Startect has demonstrated greater than 95% efficacy against certain worms known to be resistant to other dewormers. As with any dewormer, the use of Startect in flocks should be combined with an integrated parasite management program to preserve efficacy

Delayed Weaning Proves Beneficial

When do you wean your lambs? In 2014 and 2015, two experiments were conducted in Ohio to determine the effect of weaning age on the health and performance of lambs. In the first experiment, two weaning options were compared: 1) Lambs were either weaned at 60 days and put on pasture (PC); or 2) left with their mothers until weaning at 123 days (E). E lambs had higher body weights and average daily gain than PC lambs. 41.7 percent of the PC lambs required deworming whereas none of the E lambs required anthelmintic treatment. The E lambs had higher packed cell volumes. In the second experiment, four weaning options were compared: 1) lambs were weaned at 60 days and put on pasture (PC); 2) lam

Risk Factors for Parasitism

Researchers assessed the factors associated with the periparturient rise in fecal egg count (FEC) in Katahdin ewes and associated changes in FEC in their lambs. Data came from 1,487 lambings by 931 Katahdin ewes from 11 farms in the eastern United States. Fecal egg counts were measured in ewes at approximately 0, 30, and 60 days postpartum and in their lambs at approximately 60, 90, and 120 days of age. Approximately 1,400 lambs were evaluated at each measurement age. FEC peaked at approximately 28 days postpartum. Yearling ewes had higher FEC than adult ewes, and ewes that nursed twin or triplet lambs had higher FEC than ewes that nursed single lambs. In lambs, FEC increased through approxi

2018 National Goat Conference

Save the Date! The 2018 National Goat Conference will be held Sunday, September 16 through Tuesday, September 18. It will be hosted by Tuskegee University (Alabama). The first National Goat Conference was held in 2010 at Florida A&M University. The second was held in 2013 at North Carolina A&T University. More than 400 people attended each of the conferences. Conference web site Online registration

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