"Worm-tested" Rams Average $1226

On September 22, 2017, thirty-nine rams from the Southwest AREC Ram Test in Virginia were auctioned off to eager bidders. One hundred and ten rams originating from twenty-six flocks in nine states were delivered to the test site on May 30. Thirty-nine top-performers were selected for the auction. They represented the top 60 percent in performance. Consigners were limited to selling two rams. The vast majority of the rams were Katahdin. A few Texel crosses made the sale. The thirty-nine rams grossed $47,800. Prices ranged from $400 to $3400. The average price was $1226. The mean was $1000. The top-indexing ram sold for $2200. The high-selling ram brought $3400. Fourteen of the rams sold, inc

Jan vanWyk Honored

Anyone who knows "anything" about veterinary parasitology knows the name Jan van Wyk. Jan was instrumental in the development of Targeted Selective Treatment (TST) using systems such as FAMACHA©. Jan (R) pictured with Tom Terrill (L), coordinator of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control. The Gold Medal of the South African Veterinary Association was awarded to Dr. Jan van Wyk for his exceptional and sustained scientific achievements as helminthology researcher in a professional career stretching over an impressive 55 years. Jan graduated as veterinarian in 1962 and spent 6 years as state veterinarian before transferring to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Research Insti

Temperature Effects on Worm Larvae

Paddocks are considered "low worm-risk" when over 90% of the worms on them have died, and further contamination with worm eggs has not occurred. This generally takes 3–6 months (depending on the temperatures at the time). Read WormBoss article

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